How the WizeMARK Safe-Keys System works

Included in the WizeMARK System pack supplied by your dealership is a WizeMARK key fob. Please ensure that it is securely fastened to the keys that you want to protect, note your unique key fob number and activate your 3-year cover and security code by calling 0845 303 0550 – your keys are now protected!

In the event of their loss, your WizeMARK key fob gives an incentive to honest people who want to do the right thing by returning your lost keys to you. A reward of £10, which you will not be asked to contribute to, will be sent by WizeMARK to the person who finds and returns your keys.

The system operates on a key recovery basis only and all keys which are attached to your WizeMARK key fob are covered, subject to your membership being in force at the time of loss and the key fob being registered with Keycare Limited.