How the WizeMARK Safe-Valuables System works

As part of the service provided by your dealership, you’ll be supplied with a pack of 10 WizeMark ID labels in various sizes. The security codes on the labels will already have been registered on the ISR in your name.

WizeMARK ID labels have been laser cut with a unique code and the 24/7 telephone number of the International Security Register (ISR) for uniquely identifying your equipment.

They feature tamper-proof Ultraviolet (UV) Technology. Using a UV light you can still see the code even after the label has been removed. If an attempt is made to remove and re-use a label it breaks up into small pieces. Labels will adhere to most clean, dry and grease-free surfaces and should be placed on your valuable items in convenient locations which are not prone to heavy wear.

You simply peel the label from the backing paper label and press firmly into place, then brush with the UV liquid supplied - your valuables are now protected!

Your unique security code helps the police return them to you if they are found after being lost or stolen. It not only deters theft but also significantly increases the possibility of recovery.