How the WizeMARK Safe-Vehicle System works

The unique 9 digit security code and 24/7 contact telephone number of the International Security Register (ISR) permanently etched into the windows of your vehicle are as unique as fingerprints. The supplying dealership will professionally etch the code and number into your vehicle’s windows to the BS Approved depth of 0.1mm, supply you with the other parts of the WizeMARK system and register your details with the ISR.

Once this has been done, the vehicle’s identity, ownership and status become immediately verifiable with just one phone call to the ISR.

This not only provides a massive deterrent to vehicle theft and combats modern vehicle crime such as cloning, but also greatly improves the rate of recovery of stolen vehicles.

By ‘devaluing’ your vehicle to organised criminals by putting them at risk of detection, your vehicle is statistically 55% less likely to be stolen than a similar vehicle not marked and registered with the ISR. Similarly a marked and registered vehicle is 50% more likely to be recovered if stolen (Source: Analysis of Police National Computer data).

Also included in your WizeMARK pack is your Customer Contact Card. It is important to keep this card with you in case you need to contact the ISR for any reason – in particular to update your registered information or to report a theft or recovery. Keeping the ISR up to date is vital. If details held are inaccurate, criminals will make use of this to avoid a conviction, and if you lose a marked and registered item the ISR needs to know where to return it to you.