About us

We developed the WizeMARK system to provide an inexpensive but very effective answer to the problem of protecting your vehicle and high risk personal property against loss or theft. The unique 9 digit security code and ISR contact telephone number etched into the windows of your vehicle are as unique as fingerprints. Once your details are registered with the ISR, the vehicle’s identity, ownership and status become immediately verifiable with just one phone call to the ISR. This not only provides a massive deterrent to vehicle theft and combats modern vehicle crime such as cloning, but also greatly improves the rate of recovery of stolen vehicles. Statistically, your vehicle is 55% less likely to be stolen and 50% more likely to be recovered if stolen, than a similar vehicle not marked and registered with the ISR (From analysis of Police National Computer data). By also permanently marking valuable property such as laptops, mobile phones, cameras, MP3 players, portable DVD players, games consoles, televisions, Blackberries/iPhones, skis, snowboards, passports etc. with a unique security code and the 24/7/365 contact number of the ISR, verification of ownership and status of marked items (if reported stolen or lost) can be provided under strict security protocols by their fully trained operators - for just the price of a phone call. This massively increases the difficulty and risk for a thief to re-sell a stolen marked item or, if lost, the system makes it far more likely that it will be returned to the owner.