How can I buy WizeMARK?
WizeMARK is only available through our nationwide network of approved dealers who will professionally apply the etched window security system and provide you with your recovery system key fobs, your recovery system ID labels for personal valuables and your excess guarantee. Please contact us for details of your nearest dealer.
What should I do if I change my address or sell my vehicle or other marked and registered items?
Please complete and return the ‘Information Update’ form in your pack, visit www.TheISR.org and follow the instructions, or telephone 01233 333000 (24 hours). This service is free to the original owner.
How long is the WizeMARK guarantee?
The WizeMARK Safe-Vehicle etched window security system protects you for the term of your ownership of the vehicle. No annual fees or subscriptions are charged and subsequent owners can continue to have the vehicle protected by contacting the ISR to register their details. The WizeMARK Safe-Keys recovery system covers you for 3 years and offers a £10 reward to the finder. The WizeMARK Safe-Valuables recovery system labels have lifetime cover so your goods can be identified and returned to you in the event of their loss or theft. The WizeMARK Safe-Expenses protection system provides you with a 3 year excess guarantee that pays £500 towards your out of pocket expenses if your vehicle is stolen and not recovered (subject to Terms and Conditions).
What is the International Security Register (ISR)?
The ISR is a secure database, owned and operated exclusively by Retainagroup Ltd, the UK’s leading supplier of security marking and registration systems to the Motor Industry for over 25 years. The 24/7 manned ISR contact line (no answering machines or recorded messages!) provide an all year round, immediate verification service.
Are the labels easy to apply?
Ensure surface to be marked are clean, grease free and dry. Labels should be placed in convenient locations which are not prone to heavy wear. Simply peel the label from the backing paper and press firmly into place, then brush with the UV liquid supplied – your valuables are now protected!